Sweet Phina 1

On this day in 2012 my Sweet Phina went to be with the Angels. This month every Monday is dedicated to Phina. We will analyze her style and share her JOYful smile with you. Come along for the ride…


This particular dress was designed via Skype calls and emails. She wanted something in the brides chosen color scheme of blue and chocolate brown. I also loved the details on the sleeves. A lovely unique style that flows and fit in beautifully with this beach wedding.

Kawaii Thursdays

Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Today we have our very own Mys Natty rocking the unisex reversible sporty bomber jacket, she adds her own twist with the cute Obi belt worn with a shirt dress.
Kawaii- overload!

So do you have any pictures of yourself wearing a Lulu garment? Please send us the picture and a few words to describe your JOY. Send emails to: annaclare.lukoma@lulubylukoma.com

Fashion’s Smiling!

At Lulu we are always looking for new ways to bring you JOY. This year we are searching for a new way to support our communities in Uganda. Can you think of any worthy cause that can combine fashion and philanthropy? Bonus for causes that are also focused on primary education. Email at us annaclare.lukoma@lulubylukoma.com
Let’s bring smiles to the world through fashion and consciousness…

B. Daisy by Brenda Asiimwe

B.Daisy by Brenda Asiimwe is a classic brand for the woman who loves the tailored chic and romantic look. This season Brenda Asiimwe launched her brand with a new look logo and vibrant collection called Edgy Sweet Heart. The collection staples included draped chiffon tops that could be worn with drape details in the front or back. Voluminous organza circle skirts that came in black, Violet, chocolate brown and emerald green. The show stopper lace finale maxi skirt and top was auctioned off at a Kampala charity benefit to raise funds for an orphanage. Also included in the collection were pencil skirts, tailored jackets and slim fit pants. Asiimwe is obsessed with creating the perfect fit. All her custom wear clients go through a mandatory 3 fittings to ensure their gamrents fit like a second skin. She has studied the Ugandan woman’s body and is now even aware of the regional differences between body shapes. This has helped her create her own library of women’s wear patterns based on the Ugandan body shape. Many of her pieces are multi- functional in keeping with her sustainable fashion ethics. Her website will soon be launched but for now contact her at brenda_asiimwe@yahoo.com

All photos: Oscar Kibuuka Mukisa

Fashion’s Burning

Did you know that in the west, huge department stores and discount garment chain stores would rather destroy unsold items than sell them at a loss or give them away to charity. So what does it mean for us who gladly accept second hand clothes into our markets without even tracking the background of these items. The clothes are sprayed with very harmful chemicals to keep them fresh throughout their journey to us but then we inhale these awful chemicals and get sick. Didn’t you ever wonder why upon returning from a trip to Owino you feel light-