T. H.A Blackboi

Today we introduce you to T.H.A Blackboi. A conscious Ghnaian MC who loves him some LULU. His favorite LULU reversible sporty bomber jacket goes with him every where he goes. Watch out for some EAST-WEST Hip hop collaborations when he tours Uganda in 2014.
Check out his new video for the song More Vim a street anthem encouraging youth to persevere and be dedicated to economic and social change.

Ras Kana

Ras Kana is a dedicated rastafai who follows a vegetarian diet, doesn’t drink or smoke and is generally easy going and soft-spoken. The most outstanding feature about him is not what you would expect. Yes he has beautiful cascading locks and a very handsome face and well-toned physique. But what is most striking about this peace-loving rasta man are his numerous body piercings. In Kampala there is no one like him. He is a fitness instructor and model extraordinaire. He featured in the LULU 2013 Experience JOY campaign and his is truely a JOYNINJA.

Sweet Phina 2

February Monday’s are dedicated to my sweet Phina who went to be with the Angels 2 years ago. Today’s JOY is brought to you by elegant office chic.


Phina knew a lot about the art of elegant simplicity and powerful basics. Like the long sleeved white shirt. This should be a staple in every working woman’s wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. You can pair it with pencil skirts, trousers, suits and even sometimes wear it under a very low cut dress to make it office appropriate. Remember to add some simple but unique jewelry to give that polished finished look.

Suu- Bee by Suubi Njuki

Elegant Afro-centric tailored goodness! Suubi Njuki’s brand is giving afrocentricity a new meaning. She believes that expressing her creativity can’t be limited by stereotypes and she has definitely broken the mold with her bridal wear and elegant evening wear. She is a master illustrator who perfected her art in Norway and at the Makerere university Margaret Trowell school of Industrial Arts. Check her out on Facebook